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    I decided on the 20th anniversary that the chances of there ever being resolution in my lifetime had passed and that the best and most important thing I could do was to simply make sure that all of my research and the lingering questions that I have were well documented and safely stored away in a good repository where they would be available for future historians who will hopefully take a fresh look at all the evidence. My guess is that the answers will come some day long in the future when something turns up in a private letter or diary or journal or some such thing that was archived after the person's death. Maybe that's just rationalization but it gives me reason to feel that all my work on this was not in vain and some reason to hope that, in the future, the truth may finally win out.

    As for where Strubbe's tape recorder was located, it was on the windowsill of his dorm room in, I believe, Johnson Hall which is off to the right if you're standing where the ONG was when they fired and facing towards the parking lot. He put it on the windowsill as he walked out of the room to go see what was happening.

    And I'm glad to hear you finally got to visit the site. You're so right about how you are kind of there before you even realize it. Some of that closed-in feeling has happened as the result of new building since 1970 (especially the gymnasium annex which really boxed in the site itself). At least, I think that's true. I don't remember that feeling being nearly as dramatic in the 70s but I definitely experienced it when I first returned to the site with littlesky in 2007, after 30 yrs away.

    "The fools are as plentiful as ever." Albert Parsons, Haymarket martyr

    by kainah on Wed May 02, 2012 at 10:55:20 AM PDT

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