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  •  My grandmother (16+ / 0-)

    would be enchanted at the idea of letting a food processor do the agitation.   I have vivid memories of her churning--yep, old wooden churn--milk fresh from her cow. This was in rural GA during WWII.  No electricity on the farm yet, though they were working on it.  But we had YELLOW butter throughout the war.  Only after the war when my father came home and we moved back to the city did we face that white stuff. And wonderful buttermilk--I got it fresh from the churn. The stuff you buy now is tasteless, though I still prefer it to "sweet milk."

    The funny thing is that my grandmother was a big city girl. She was born and raised in Atlanta and never even visited a farm until she married a soon-to-be country doctor. In fact, when she married, she couldn't cook, but she turned herself into a renowned country cook. Most people even forgot she was a "foreigner."

    •  Love it. (6+ / 0-)
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      The food processor does make things easier, for sure, but I would love to have a real deal wooden churn. I would happily use that, arms be damned. I love grinding my coffee with my little hand crank grinder. Of course, that's a much easier task.

      I just made a bit more butter today and it came out pretty yellow. Not deep yellow, but much better. Of course, right now the cows are still mostly eating hay as the pasture is just starting to really grow out here. Once they're more on fresh spring grass, the butter might yellow up some more.

      I don't think my friends would have ever imagined me farming or writing posts on homesteading back in the day (which wasn't so long ago--I'm only 31.) I certainly didn't see it coming. Funny how life springs surprises on you. Nice when they're good ones.

      Of The Hands - Thoughts on voluntary poverty, homesteading, farming, reconnecting to the land, doing good work, and muddling through the new no-growth economy.

      by aimlessmind on Thu Apr 26, 2012 at 08:57:17 PM PDT

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