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  •  it would be worthwhile to know where your... (3+ / 0-)
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    ... nearest strong public shelter is.  If they aren't marked clearly, ask local police or emergency management officials where to go.  Practice in advance to figure out how long it takes to grab your bug-out bags and get to the shelter, and plan for twice that amount of time due to traffic.

    Arrange with neighbors to car-pool to the shelter or use public transport if it's available.  With car-pooling, some cars are in the shelter parking lot, others remain at homes, maximizing the chance that some will remain out of the path of the storm.  Car pooling also reduces traffic congestion and gets everyone to shelter faster.

    If shelter is in a downtown area, car pooling will minimize parking & traffic congestion on city streets and save lives.  Parking garages may be wind-amplifiers like freeway overpasses, but it's important to keep the streets open for emergency vehicles.

    If you intend to take public transport, plan ahead and leave early, and make a family outing of the trip: go to a local restaurant near the shelter (and pay for your meal up front in case you have to scoot before you're done) or just go walking or window-shopping until the shelter opens or it's time to get inside.  

    As for warnings that don't pan out, I'd take those as "drills," valuable to stay in practice for the time when a warning precedes a tornado that actually hits the immediate area.  We can all benefit from regular emergency drills for whatever events are expected in our areas.

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