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View Diary: Political Jujitsu and the "half don't pay any taxes" lie (97 comments)

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    I just don't, they can't be reasoned with and I consider being a wingnut more of a character flaw that neither you nor I nor any other person can change.  I do though frequently chat with people or relatives who've seen this whole tax thing on CNN and think that somehow there should be some kind of minimum tax but there really is already.  It's called the standard deduction and it incorporates the basic deductions that everyone used to itemize, a presumed collection of taxes, interest, costs of daily living etc..  Everyone gets it.  Most everyone I talk to files a tax return and they're aware that in the process of filling out the form they get the standard deduction.  If you don't make enough money to owe taxes after the standard deduction you can either be A. "Lucky" because you'll pay no more taxes than you've already paid or B.  a "freeloader" because you'll pay no more than you've already paid or C. just an American who doesn't make enough to get by.  Republicans don't recognize "C", it just doesn't work in their narrative.  But for a lot of the reasonable people it opens their eyes a little to how bogus this whole argument is.

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