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View Diary: Mitt Romney ally: Elie Wiesel's campaign against posthumous conversion is a bigoted Democratic plot (197 comments)

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  •  they change the records in this life (3+ / 0-)
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    vcmvo2, word is bond, NonnyO

    so if they don't know, under what authority do they change records?  Under what authority do they actually perform the baptism.   If this is all about what they will know in the afterlife, it should all take place in the afterlife.  Not in the here and now.   This is not about belief in an after life or not.  

    This is what they do in this life without permission.

    •  I believe the record (1+ / 0-)
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      indicates that a proxy baptism has been done, rather than (it seems like you are thinking) saying "X person was a Mormon."

      (I haven't actually looked in the records but my mother who does genealogy has told me there is effectively an asterisk by someone's name saying, this person has had a proxy baptism on X date. She has seen this for some of our own ancestors, none of whom were Mormon.)

    •  Again, What records do you mean? (0+ / 0-)

      There are no records to "change."   They are not going through baptism records from the 1600s and crossing out "Anglican" and replacing it with "Mormon".   Happy little Mormon kids are finding the names and dates of their ancestors (and they are frequently wrong, btw) writing them down on a peice of paper and running off to the baptism font(note) to get baptised for Great-great Grandpa.   They then put that record in the family book and send a copy off to Salt Lake City (I don't actually know the details.)

      If you want to be negative about it, perhaps you could say 'forge records' but that is still less than honest since the proxy baptism did happen.

      (note) Huge oversimplification.  Only Mormons in good standing can do this and then we get into a different discussion...

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