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View Diary: Mitt Romney ally: Elie Wiesel's campaign against posthumous conversion is a bigoted Democratic plot (197 comments)

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  •  Every other word out of the right-wingers mouth is (0+ / 0-)

    about how much better a christian he/she is than the next religious right-winger.

    Religion is on the table because the right-winger religious zealots put it there.

    Obama needs to pound Willard on his Mormonism.  Isn't Willard some sort of Mormon prince and from some planet?

    Islam, Judaism  and Christianity are very weird in their own way in worshiping sky spooks. Mormonism was started by a convicted criminal huckster.  My understanding is the wife of a Mormon cannot get into heaven unless the hubby lets her in. And one she is in she will be pregnant forever.   Ladies that is something to look forward too,

    •  Assertions are wrong about LDS but it is nice to (0+ / 0-)

      see the Republicans on the other side of an alternative religion.    It could be the beginning of the split from the radical insane christian right wingers (the ones who believe in the end times and all that nonsense.)  

      But let's face it, if Harry Reid were our candidate we would be taking the side of the Mormons as well.

      I didn't know much about the LDS until recently but everything you said about them is wrong as far as I can tell.  It is actually rather shocking that there was a time when Mormons could be shot on sight (google "Executive order 44") simply because of their religion.   Smith was not a convicted criminal, his only trial was for being a Mormon and he was acquitted.   He was eventually killed by a mob of Christians.

      They didn't choose to move to the middle of frigging nowhere pushing wheelbarrows over 1000 miles because they liked the solitude, they had been chased from community to community by radical christians.    However, they were not saints (pun intended) either.

      It is a fascinating history which is interleaved with the Civil War.   If you have Welsh ancestory in the US, you probably have Mormon ancestors.

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