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View Diary: Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown tax returns released, now where are Mitt Romney's? (30 comments)

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  •  Romney had a capital loss carryover from 2009 (1+ / 0-)
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    If you look at Romney's 2010 tax return, you'll see that he had a $4.8 million capital loss carryover from 2009, meaning he reported more capital losses than capital gains in 2009.  Since most of his income is capital gains taxed at 15%, he probably had almost no tax liability in 2009.

    The mystery is the source of the capital loss.  Was it a contrived loss from a tax shelter designed solely to reduce his already low taxes--something that would surely outrage the average taxpayer--or was it a genuine loss from a failed investment?

    I think that's the reason Romney is not releasing his returns prior to 2010.

    •  I'll keep saying it - till someone with some (0+ / 0-)

      matzah goes after it.

      Items Mitt the pitts does not want you to know.

      1.    Sankaty in Bermuda ($1 billion in cash he owns 100%)
      2.    Bain is benefiting from federal frauds = Romney too.
      3.    Toys R Us owned by Bain Frauds of KB, FAO, eToys
      4.    Fingerhut owned by Petters funded by Sachs & Bain
      5.    Mitt Romney & The Learning Co (loss $1 billion Mattel)
      6.    Paul Traub, Jack Bush, Barry Gold at Stage Stores
      7.    Mitt Romney owned 800,000 shares of Stage Stores
      8.    Jack Bush, Barry Gold, Paul Traub Jumbo Sports too
      9.    Stage Stores was Co-Debtor with Liquidity Solutions
      10.  Michael Glazer was at Stage Stores and CEO of KB

           Barry Gold hired Paul Traub in Stage Stores then Paul Traub's firm paid Barry Gold 4 payments of $30,000 each and then snuck him in as CEO (illegally) into eToys.

            The attorney that handled the merger of Romney's the Learning Company with Mattel is MNAT in 1999 by Goldman Sachs. Also in 1999 - eToys went public for tons of money. Then in 2000 Bain bought Kay Bee and had the CEO of KB (Michael Glazer) go to Stage Stores too.

              Then, MNAT became the illegal attorney for eToys by LYING under oath about MNAT's being connected to Bain, Kay Bee, Mattel and Goldman Sachs.

              Paul Traub lied too and conspired with MNAT to put in Traub's secret partner (Barry Gold) as eToys CEO - (throwing me out - when I did not take a bribe to play along)

              After Barry Gold was made the illegal (secret) CEO of eToys - Liquidity Solutions began buying up eToys claims (gain ILLEGAL because the crooks did not tell anyone they were robbing the place)

               Once they tossed me out, Barry Gold got SOLE control of the company - after I forced all the buyers to pay $45 million (when they had bragged they were only going to pay $3 million). Then, Paul Traub, MNAT, Barry Gold also got the courts permission to DESTROY Books n Records

            Now - they would have gotten away with all of that. Had I taken the bribe and went along. INSTEAD, it took me several years to find the Smoking Gun proof that forced them to confess.

            Meanwhile, they designed the end of eToys to be sold to Bain KB and reduced the prices ILLEGALLY = Because eToys is their client and Bain is their client. They had to quit eToys - but continued to LIE under oath 34 times.

            To this day - they have NOT confessed that they are lying about their connections to each other and BAIN.

            Bain gives Romney millions each year - Confessed.

            MNAT and Paul Traub CONFESSEd they lied and it wound up in the Wall Street Journal.

             MNAT now openly works for Bain and Paul Traub was partners with other Ponzi Schemers (Marc Dreier and Tom Petters)

             They gave you Newt's King of Bain as a PLOT & PLOY to obfuscate the issues of Bain.

             At the barest of minimums, President Obama can call out Mitt the pitts on these issue and demand he give back the money that Romney has benefited from Fraud.

             Or - are we going to look for monies Off Shore in Bermuda (Sankaty that worked Stage Stores bankruptcy too) - instead of the cases that can get Goldman Sachs, Bain and maybe even Mitt Romney indicted tomorrow.

           Because THEY are lying in telling you - Over and Over - that Mitt Romney left Bain in 1999 - even McCain's 200 page report denotes that Romney was still CEO in 2001

       The very year the crimes transpired in eToys.

      The VERY same year that an MNAT PARTNER became the United States Attorney in Delaware (Colm Connolly) who refused to investigate and prosecute this case from 2001 to 2008.

             Everyone is looking for a match

       and the whole forest is blazing on fire with the evidence

                       ALL PUBLIC DOCKET RECORDS

      PLEASE ☺ - Help Stop Mitt the Pitts Romney from Stealing ☻ the POTUS

      by laserhaas on Fri Apr 27, 2012 at 03:34:12 PM PDT

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