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    The right wing arch is long and treacherous it started in Dallas in 1963 for want of a sustained investment in the Cold War and all the wars since then and the unchecked political and economic power of corporations who live on the public dime and see state supported industrial investment in war as the only real business model they actually believe in; as making real products for consumers was always just too risky and complex unless one had real vision, like say Henry Ford long dead.

    The very idea of packaging mortgage interest into an investment paper schemes for the wealthy should speak volumes about the nature of how and why our domestic-world economy is circling the drain, the very definition of idle wealth sucking out money for no other reason that to promote and preserve idle wealth.

    Because and as a result of three politically motivated murders can anyone really imagine that Nixon would have won in the first place had events gone otherwise?

    We are dealing with a right wing elite drenched in the blood of millions and that is not nor, has it ever been anything other than the cold hard truth.

    Had there not been all this investment in war technology back in the 1960s and 1970s we would not have the web today and all these little cell phones no?

    Which is the illusion here: the reason why all this computer technology came about in the first place or the silly notion that it will keep on enriching our lives?

    It is no paranoia to say that in a very fundamental sense the Democratic Party has been running scared from the titans of the war industrial elite for more than four generations and when one couples that with the results of the McGovern campaign the Democratic Party lost it’s reason to rhetorically exist because it’s leadership became lack luster versions of the right wing puppets who actually serve the war elite.

    It should be said for the record it is very true Obama is not responsible for the mess we are in now; that took the last five presidential administrations and the congressional halfwits to bring about because during this span of time the lobbyist elite turned government and the rule of law into a joke, and that’s being nice about it.

    Everyone must read both David Talbot’s Brothers and of course:  JKF and the Unspeakable by James Douglass not because one will learn who killed off these leaders so many years ago, but why it happened in the first place.

    Given all this then is it any wonder than that Romney plans to spent almost as twice as much on “defense” as Obama and has said as much.

    Which then should beg the question how is it then the political party that says it hates massive government spending and we should “pay as we go” hasn’t a fucking clue as to how pay for all this massive “defense” spending other than loot both Social Security and Medicare out of existence…

    And yet, these right wing craven fools would still face a missive black hole of unpaid for spending given all the other money they throw at the private prison system, the private collage system, the private energy industry, the private nation security state and a long list of politically connected crony parasites far too long to even begin to list if they insist of cutting the tax rates of the wealthy even more….

    There has come about a very basic breakdown of the reality of what our elites say and what they actually do in reality; that our national electronic media is their hand maiden is no longer the point anymore, as it is more important to state for the record that this electronic media has become totally incapable of even thinking rationally anymore, let alone reporting that say for example Climate Change is a given and not let any our craven elites avoid the issue.

    I long ago gave up on the elite leadership of the Democratic party not because I see them as sellouts, but because they are just human beings who know in the dead of night as they too fall off to sleep and think of their mortality they know, and will never admit in public, that if they dare raise real issues and really fight for the needs of the people they too will be either killed off or consigned to at the very least to investigation and bankruptcy and face a life of no job prospects.

    The Unites States has become a rigged system of the degenerate rich, by the degenerate rich, for the degenerate rich as I observe; and that judgment also applies to far too many business owners who say they are Democrats and rich liberals who along with the right wing super rich and right wing business owners ALSO enjoy the benefits of slave rates of pay for their workers and low taxes and hence do not give real money to the organizations that might change this status quo.

    Yes, it is that ugly.

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