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View Diary: Elie Wiesel Suffered Incomprehensibly, Haley. Mitt Didn't. Knock it Off. (114 comments)

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  •  I hardly know what to say. Nope, I'm lyin. (4+ / 0-)
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    Why is it important for Haley Barbour to defend Mormons over Jews? He's an idiot. Barack Obama isn't Jewish. But by all means, PLEASE alienate the Jewish vote for your dumb ass party of bigots. Please.

    "Some of their practices". That really ticks me off. This is an issue of protest. I never understood what their motive was for doing this. I don't know enough about Mormons to understand why it's necessary for them to pick HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS to do this to. Don't they try this with celebrities, too? What is their motive for wanting to erase the Holocaust except that they are arrogant fucking bigots who think something's wrong with Judaism? Is that it? Was I right?

    This is a bloody outrage, imo and I'm an atheist. If I was an arrogant atheist, I would probably say something arrogant like; 'Who cares what papers and fancy rituals they do? Nothing's gonna happen when they die anyway."

    That's what I hear Barbour saying. It shouldn't matter that Mormons are posthumously snatching un-Mormon souls into their weird-ass afterlife scenario. Mormons are superior? Is that what he's saying? They should have the right to steal souls and not be questioned? They agreed to stop doing it and they still do it underground. That's pure assholism.

    Barbour knows that a good portion of this country contains bigots who are already leery of Mormonism. Some of them think they still largely condone polygamy, but like anything with Mormons, the outlawed practices just go underground and off the grid. All the voters need to hear is Mormons do weird things like posthumously baptize people as one of their underground practices, they will freak.

    I have more respect for religion than that and I don't believe in any of them. If people want to be buried a certain way and have their memory remain intact, they should have the right. I have the right to not have any religion at my funeral and I don't want BAPTIST put on my death certificate, either. I'm an atheist and that's how I would like to be remembered.

    The fucking nerve of them all. This is one issue that always got me fired up so excuse my rant.

    "It's not enough to acknowledge privilege. You have to resist." -soothsayer

    by GenXangster on Fri Apr 27, 2012 at 09:10:02 PM PDT

    •  I hope that someone does make a big (1+ / 0-)
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      deal about Romney being a Mormon.  I don't care a bit what religion he is myself.  But after the horrible abuse that President Obama has had to endure over his citizenship, being black, his college credentials, you know I could go on and on. He felt he had to provide his BIRTH CERTIFICATE to the American people because of the hoha Trump was pushing.  Imagine a sitting President felt he had to produce a birth certificate to the American people.  Right now, that sheriff  in AZ has a 'posse' and they are going to 'prove' that the President is not a citizen.  This joker was at a function and said something about getting a subpoena to serve the President on his citizenship matter. You all know how vile it has been.  I know the President won't bring up Romney's faith, but I really hope it keeps coming up, and then Republican's can deal with this issue with their candidate. I hope it gets nasty. The right has been so disgusting and nasty, they need it thrown right back at them.

      If your religious beliefs make you comfortable with your prejudices… question those beliefs.

      by okieliberal on Sat Apr 28, 2012 at 09:54:15 PM PDT

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