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View Diary: Teabaggers are technically 'delusional', as are many Republicans. (157 comments)

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    I'm not sure that the DSM Google +1 will be able to list the types of mental illnesses afflicting human beings. The mapping of the human brain and the interactions between the cities within is in its infancy.

    We're all Mel Brooks' "Abby Normal" Young Frankensteins

    Are the people incessantly attending gritty new new millennium punk, or slash-metal shows already "mentally ill" before they took too much Ecstasy? How many acid trips in the 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's does it take to make someone "mentally ill" How many bumps to the head? Was Mozart "mentally ill?"

    Tweakers seem to do "mental illness" on the installment plan. It usually is a race between the failure of the body and the brain and they're neck and neck.

    Humanity seems to have a huge mental illness.

    Screwing each other for money, going to war repeatedly, raping the environment and now - even the climate and life that has evolved for eons disappear daily.

    And smoking your own well-tended, personally cured weed will bring a cop enough "reasonable cause" to bust down your door in too much of America. Unless you're on "Probation" and have to be extra-special nice because there's a judgmental sword of Damocles and after a while you get good at jail, or finally behave.

    If you have a toothache and you're out of jail or you lose a fight - there's no dentist to visit, and even if you were laying and wiring dynamite in Boston's Big-Dig for a few years but hit hard times you walk the streets alone at 1:AM in a t-shirt in the rain in a strange city because the jaillets out then when the trains just stop running and can turn on dialect in a hot-second but used to be in love-who's crazy?

    America has a hot-dose of mental illness too.

    I didn't even start on Facebook, did I?

    Now there's a mental illness. Account not busy enough or too busy? No Page?

    There's no real meaning to the term "mental illness" to me. If being unable to find and hold a job is descriptive - we have some crazies coming out of college and four times as many high-school dropouts who still want a life who can't find a reliable job that can even pay for the necessities that were a given in the '50s

    That "mental illness?" It's like pornography. I'll know it when I see it.

    John Boehner is getting closer and closer. And there's not a pill for that.

    I'll never forgive myself for letting my dog lick the cannabutter bowl.

    Is it insane to laugh about keyboarding that last sentence. Do I need drugs for that?

    Can I grow them?

    Dissatisfaction with democratic government is substantially due to economic globalization. We either rein in the corporations or Nation States will continue to diminish in stature, power and their ability to protect and serve the citizenry.

    by Anthony Page aka SecondComing on Fri Apr 27, 2012 at 10:22:25 PM PDT

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