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View Diary: Teabaggers are technically 'delusional', as are many Republicans. (157 comments)

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    Black Max

    I don't know about others, but my interest in trying to understand the bagger mentality came from encountering them in the wild--like in churches.  Why wouldn't a curious person want to do some research by reading what experts have learned through observation about such odd thinking? The work in "The Republican Brain" is not hypothesizing.  It is findings from real research done by scientists in the field of brain science and other areas that explain how baggers think.  I am not befuddled at all by the fact of the behaviour that is all too obvious if one does go to a megachurch.  I am befuddled as to the why's of this completely irrational and destructive behavior which has now been partially explained scientifically by science.  

    In addition, I applaud those who do hypothesize regarding the bagger thinking because whatever we can do to educate ourselves regarding this disturbing threat to our society is a good thing insofar as it helps limit the damage.

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