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View Diary: Tonight I finally got the chance to apologize to the cashier I F-Bombed (125 comments)

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  •  It is not a non-apology apology, (9+ / 0-)

    he apologized for the form, not the reason. Making that clear is not a non-apology apology as those that go like "sorry if I offended anyone". That he apologized, and did so with no ifs, is proof enough for me that he is contrite. Explaining the is apology is helpful and makes it clear what is that he is apologizing for. It is always much preferable to be respectful in the first place, that is what I teach my kids. But there are also people that wont stop until you talk to them in the same tone and maner they use, and that is what it takes sometimes to show them where the line is. The real trick is knowing when it is really worth going there and in my opinion it is not worth it most of the time. Obviously DuzT knows he crossed a line or two himself and for that he did apologize and he did so as a consequence of what he was told in the original diary. That tells me that he thought about it and now he told us that he acted on it.

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