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View Diary: Republicans outraged Obama usurped their 'Daddy party' throne (182 comments)

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    TXdem an old Muslim friend of mine that the closest thing in the English language to the name "Hussein" was the name "Harry" --- short for Henry.  If this is, indeed, the case, then thank the Gods that we have Good Harry in the White House right now, exposing the cranky cowards of the GOP to have been "holding their manhoods cheap" in order to gain profit from keeping the mass murderer OBL alive, at the expense of the entire world.

    Given that Republicans profited from this one wretched pittance-of-a-man not being wiped from the human record at Tora Bora, mightn't we not start referring to the GOP as the Terror Exploiting America (TEA) Party?

    I count even the single grain of sand to be a higher life-form than the likes of Sarah Palin and her odious ilk.

    by Liberal Panzer on Mon Apr 30, 2012 at 03:37:16 PM PDT

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