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  •  Your history is truly flawed. (1+ / 0-)
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    The American people got tired of playing games with failed staecraft, with Cold War bogeymen in place of real people on the ground.   You know the Vietnamese lost between 2.5 to 3 million civilians during the conflict AFTER the French were wiped out at Dien Bien Phu in 1953, right?  They built up the Viet Minh, their Army in the South and in the North and were prepared to go on for years. The USA was in the battle to keep a neo colony, taking over from the French and running it as a protectorate for nearly 20 years.  It took a vote of Congress to finally cut Ford's funding in 1973 and start the exodus and the final flights by hanging onto landing gear of helicopters. An evacuation, a run to avoid the indignity of capture and negotiating for return of prisoners.  5 years of negotiations and stalling. The end.

    When Ho Chi Minh City fell (then known as Saigon), there was literally no where else for the US forces to go. Except isolated bases and enclaves.

    The big embarrassment for the USA was to lose on the ground to an "inferior power" in full view, not fight through surrogates.  Who learned the lesson that colonialism was truly dead? France, with  DeGaulle or America, with Dulles?   American politicians  learned the wrong lessons from trying to turn the clock back to a  pre war (WW2) Vietnam.  There are people still around who believe the cause was just, the fight against Vietnam's independence was honorable, and the purpose fitting and worthy.  America's destiny in 1954: reenslave the Viets with English speaking overlords instead of French ones.  Do you know the the Vietnamese  fought 3 wars in the the 20th century?

    First the war to liberate Vietnam from the French, a classic guerrilla war that turned large scale with the chaos and invasion by the Japanese into SE Asia and the defeat of France by Germany.  The war took on another phase with the end of the second World war and British and American forces coming to support the French return to their old colony.  The fighting the Vietnamese had done against the Japanese was thanked by the Allies arming the French to repeat their administration in  Vietnam as if WW2 had never happened.  Then they, Imperial France, was truly defeated, that was the the 9 year effort to push them back out.   Then came the 20 year war, the Third war to discourage and turn around the Americans arriving to take over the ownership of Vietnam.  1955 to 1975.   Added to earlier efforts it meant 44 years of combat.

    No surprise, this is the USA, there is a  ghastly jumbled history, missing facts, of ignorance and idiotic failed RW talking points. I would have hide rated "the US pulled out, therefore the North won" comment, but  giving some background is better.

    This currently under construction..

    by BeeDeeS on Mon Apr 30, 2012 at 08:18:42 PM PDT

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