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  •  I believe the ad you reference (1+ / 0-)
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    is misleading -- I have ads blocked (thanks to my subscription) so don't see it right now, but from what I understand, union dues CANNOT be used for political action, solely for the operations of the union (labor negotiating costs, expenses related to operating the local office and national/international offices, etc.). Any money used for political purposes must come from a separate, voluntary contribution; my spouse has been a member of ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union) for 30 years (29-1/2 years as an active driver, retired since last October) and he donated $5 per month to ATU COPE which is their political action arm. I'm not sure if it's a federal law or AFL-CIO policy; AFT is not a member of AFL-CIO (it's the smaller of the two teacher's unions) so it may not apply to them.

    I'd take a very hard look at that ad and see exactly who is behind it. In this era of Citizens United, there are several "false front" groups out there that are doing the dirty work for the delightful Koch Brothers and their ilk.

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