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View Diary: Meet Jane Doe-An "Infamous" Rape Victim Reclaims Her Dignity *UPDATED with email from Reporter* (168 comments)

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    that showed that when people made decisions as a group (for example, on a jury) they tended to follow the opinion of the dominant person or people in the group, even if it was wrong - and were far more likely to assess a situation accurately when they reviewed the information alone.

    Yes, everyone, for fuck's sake: When a person is unconscious, sex cannot be consensual, because there is no one present to consent. Hence, it doesn't matter who the victim had sex with in the past, how many people, how often, what she was wearing, what her intentions were when she arrived, or how many drugs she consumed. If a woman is unconscious, she can't have consensual sex, therefore anyone, whether a long-term boyfriend, one-night stand, husband, football team or whoever uses her body while she's unconscious is raping her.

    Why would anyone want to have sex with someone who's not present? Why not just use a blow-up doll?

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      Why would anyone want to have sex with someone who's not present? Why not just use a blow-up doll?
      If you read the description of what was on that tape (which I don't suggest unless you have a strong stomach) it's very apparent that sex had very little to do with this-that was not their goal. Most of the time is spent abusing her body with various objects, slapping her, posing her body and laughing at her.

      In the 48 Hours special they ask one of the boys how he felt about her going into that night-he said he was angry with her. I think that's very telling.

      This was done to humiliate her. It was a form of revenge.

      You must work-we all must work-for a world that is worthy of its children. - Pablo Casals. Please support TREE Climbers, our 501(c)(3) for victims and survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation.

      by SwedishJewfish on Tue May 01, 2012 at 05:13:24 PM PDT

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        I didn't watch the tape...because I don't want those images in my head and prefer not to feel traumatized. I was date-raped too - drugged and immobilized so I couldn't speak even though I was conscious - I couldn't move, couldn't say anything even though I wanted to tell them to stop. I was also abused by someone I lived with who used to climb on top of me and start fucking me while I was asleep. What I am talking about is the mentality of people who treat others like objects. The mentality that says women (or children) are OK to use like dishrags, that we're just there to serve. Still, they say rape is more about violence and power than about sex.

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