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View Diary: Alabama abortion clinic to close May 18th due to anti-abortion pressure (8 comments)

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  •  This makes me so angry (7+ / 0-)

    I could scream.

     I live in Springfield Ma. and many years ago-and I do mean many--try in 1982----I had an appointment on Maple street at a dentist's office:  the Planned Parenthood clinic being right next door.

    On my way out---I saw a crowd of people surrounding a woman who was trying to enter the clinic.

     They were screaming at her---and a man was grabbing her by the front of her shirt----he was accosting her---actually ---assaulting her.

    A uniformed cop---for the city of Springfield---was leaning against the wall watching.

    Can't prevent a woman from being attacked ---trying to access a legal prodedure: but he will be happy to  collect that big pension and retirement---won't he?

    More money---and all paid for by the taxpayers----than most of the rest of us will ever see.

    I could've sworn cops were paid to enforce the law----and whether the forced-birthers like it or not----abortion is still legal.

    I actually walked over to the woman to ask her if she was alright: did she need any help?

    When the cop saw me do this--he walked over as well.

    I was explaining to this woman that she had a right to file a complaint for assault against this man----and that she may have a right to sue him as well----and that she should call the ACLU.

    The cop took me by the arm---asked me if this were any of my business ----and tried staring me down---in general.

    I pointed to my car---and he let go of my arm.

    I filed a  complaint with my local police dept: and it was circular filed.

    I called 4 times about that complaint----but I was told they didn't believe it "rose to the level."


    That cop was enforcing his political beliefs---and all on the taxpayer's dime---too.

    What the forced birthers in this country fail to appreciate is simple:

    Protesters are to be kept a certain specified distance away from the entrances of abortion clinics.

    There is no opinion that you can hold in this nation --that gives you the right to break any of the laws.

    And when a uniformed police officer sees a woman being assaulted for exercising a legal option: he needs to be charged with malfeasance---and he needs to deal with the consequences of that.

    Why do forced-birthers think they have the right to engage in violent criminal acts  because they hold the opinion they hold?

    Why do these people think their opinions give them the right to be violent?

    And why do those legally sworn and duty bound to enforce the laws in this country really believe they have the right to enforce their personal opinions on others---and then just stand there as American citizens are assaulted right in front of them?

    Here's the short answer: they do not have the right.

    If they're collecting big pensions and big retirements out of the taxpayers pockets: they'd best be doing their jobs.

    Protesters are beaten in this country---women are abused---and the so-called authorities just stand there with their hands in their pockets.

    Why the hell do the forced-birthers believe their opnions give them the right to break the law in this country?

    I have a lot of opinions---too---not one of which gives me the right to break the law----without enduring the consequences.

    And people wonder why people have taken to the streets.......................................

    "Power is a fleeting thing. One day your souls will be required of you." Bishop Peter Storey---Central Methodist Mission, Johannesburg, June 1981

    by lyvwyr101 on Wed May 02, 2012 at 11:36:13 AM PDT

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