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View Diary: Cleveland DJ apologizes for suggesting father "screw your daughter straight" (74 comments)

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  •  Seneca... please realize that the word rape (3+ / 0-)
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    Chrislove, JVolvo, Avilyn

    is not even in the mind of many men who do indeed commit rape. But, they don't see their actions as rape.

    For example, the "virginity tests" done on female protesters in the Middle East by "religious authorities" simply because women had the nerve to speak up for a better future.

    Any number of men consider those virginity tests normal and the word rape would never cross their minds. But, it is rape.

    As for your time shift framing of the advice... into the future when the daughter would conveniently be of legal age for an older man to screw her straight... that is a slight of hand to remove the criminality inherent in our cultural and legal system. And it still does not absolve the atrocious advice nor resolve the core issues at the heart of this.

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