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View Diary: New Obama ad salutes Mitt Romney's foreign policy experience: Swiss bank accounts and outsourcing (107 comments)

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  •  So, which millionaire (0+ / 0-)

    with a Harvard education and kids who have gone to the best private schools do you think will be the next president?

    •  My you seem to be irritated today (0+ / 0-)

      Maybe it's me, because your comments are the first ones I thought about applying an HR to... Ever....   I rarely even post...

      •  Every day (0+ / 0-)

        I'm irritated—and that includes with what I've come to think of as our political class. Ultimately, Obama, Romney, Warren, Bush, the Clintons, etc, have more in common with each other than with me. They all go to the same Ivy League schools and all move through the world of wealth as they go back and forth between government and business. They all send their kids to those same schools and then those kids rise due first and foremost to their family names. When they need interns or legal clerks, they only hire from a handful of law schools. Ditto for business schools. Whether it's Bush or Obama, when they want financial advice, the hiring list starts at Goldman Sachs. BTW, seen Peter Orszag lately? Need I really go on?

        •  The difference is (0+ / 0-)

          Obama went to those school but not because he was born rich/fortunate- I think that makes a big difference .... Beat overwhelming odds with his skills don't you think that is significant?

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