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View Diary: May Day, 1886... and how four citizens came to hang (21 comments)

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  •  Some ominous craft at hand (0+ / 0-)

    What with the police clashing with Oakland Occupy again...and the fake FBI plot  in Ohio that portends to expose the terroristic impulses of self-identified "anarchists".

    Whenever the FBI throws these little patsy parties, which until now have been casted with low-IQ young muslims, they of course choose which day do stage the main production.

    Why May Day?

    I'm reminded of a comment I read earlier today, before this news broke, which went along the lines of; "How long before they start to shift the target from Mohammed to Miguel, and then to Michael?"

    Looks like they've gone ahead and went straight to Michael.

    •  Those five in Cleveland are thugs. Nothing more. (0+ / 0-)

      But I find it interesting how the media is all over the word "anarchist" today.  Because one of these morons got a copy of the "Anarchist Cookbook", they think they are anarchists.  Meanwhile, it seems to me that the FBI is using the term "anarchists" without any attempt at responsibility - because these five idiots called themselves anarchists, the FBI called them that too. And now it's all over the news media. In 1886, labor leaders were called anarchists in the press to discredit them. In 2012, it happens out of ignorance.

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