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View Diary: More Evidence that Racism is not an Opinion: NYPD Told to Shoot Blacks in the Head Like "Animals" (9 comments)

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  •  the trick is in coming up with a stable definition (1+ / 0-)
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    of "close" and "friend," no doubt. i would expect that the "white person with POC friend" rate would go down in proportion to how stringently one defined it, and i would also expect that it would vary unevenly across the urban-suburban-exurban axis, and by region more generally.

    i would also expect that if you broke POC into finer distinctions (both by racial/ethnic identity as well as separating out multiethnic/multiracial as a separate category) that you'd see different patterns of association and friendship, also inflected by urban-suburban and region.

    but again, i probably overestimate america's degree of integration because i grew up and live in a nor cal college town with a high degree of integration, and study asian history, so my daily routine brings me into closer contact with POC than if i lived in a different community/region or was involved in a different line of work (our university is 62% POC, with asian the largest ethnicity at 40%).

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