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View Diary: Occupy Oakland's May Day: We are not the 99%. (153 comments)

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    Glen The Plumber
    I don't think anyone really cares if the police
    beat peaceful protesters any more.  There was some initial outrage and then it stopped making the news.  If there had never been a single broken window then maybe that would still be true but the rest of the country doesn't really care what happens in Oakland
    I've spoken with friends, family, colleagues, people who sat in my living room to watch Inside Job via who have said they are afraid of Occupy b/c of the violence. They support the 99% movement but won't go to a protest. These people want to do something safer and we need these people because there are a lot of them who are either doing nothing, don't know what to do and are turned off by the violence. They are looking for something to do. Supporting Occupy is a no brainer to me, but not to a lot of people out there.

    My husband has been to OO several times now, was at the port shut down and we even took our 7 yr old to OSJ several times. It was the face of children and families that brought a message of safety to individuals who are unsure if they wanted to support the Occupy movement. I don't begin to know what the answer is and this discussion is a really helpful discourse for me. I really believe that if OO does not maintain peaceful protests people will turn away and the Occupy movement will not have the support you, we are trying to achieve.

    Local KGO and KFOG radio trashed OO, it was painful. It's the same story as last Fall, media sound bites and reporting are biased, negative and lacking truth. Meanwhile Tea Party rally coverage is delightful... so for those people who believe that media reports reality (at least most of the time), OO looks pretty scary. This does matter.

    On the bailouts "... We should have thought about how they would treat us before we gave them the money." Now get out there and "Make the world a better place!"~ my 7 year old.

    by remembrance on Thu May 03, 2012 at 09:44:07 PM PDT

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