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  •  my elder in-laws don't get it (3+ / 0-)
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    mightymouse, elwior, Matt Z

    They are from the olden times where you might have a reason to believe what you heard on tv "because it's on TV".

    They still think CNN is legit and like to pretend they don't watch Fox.

    My father in law often runs his mouth with obvious right wing talking points he's heard from a chain email or maybe worse....Yahoo News Headlines.

    When pressed for details on what he's talking about, he readily and almost proudly admits that "I just read the headlines and a few sentences of the article because I dont have time to get into all of that."

    In other words, he reads enough from what he considers to be a legit news source that he justifies his already right wing bias and moves on to the lie-spreading phase.

    When the lies are debunked with fact, no retraction is given...just a "Well, they're all corrupt."

    And on and on.

    How many American Sheeple are out there like this? Is it even possible to reach them?

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