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View Diary: Friendly Advice to CNN -- Change Everything (230 comments)

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  •  There is, just not on Tv (1+ / 0-)
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    Well Rachel does report on it.
    Is there daily updates on the disaster as their should be no, but the government there and TEPCO are doing what governments/business do best, keep it quiet.

    In Cenk's defense, While on MSNBC(he was doing 3pm hour) and the Japanese government was saying it was safe, and their excluion zone was 10 miles, but our State Dept told Americans 30 miles, he told the audience(cant find youtube so I am quoting from memory):

    "Don't trust your government, RUN, get as far away from fukushima as possible"

    I still won't feed my cat any products with fish in it.

    RT is great, and hey CNN, you want to look credible, but compete with Fox on eye candy, replace Erin Burnett with Alyona.   I would grow a Blitzer beard if they did that

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