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  •  Another Republican Dirty Trick? (9+ / 0-)

    I'm amazed that Chen Guangcheng is listed as a choice for "Who Won the Week".   Isn't his story extremely suspicious?  I've posted this before, but want to say it again: I believe he's the stooge for a Republican dirty trick.

    When I heard that his claim to fame was opposing forced abortion, my antennae went up. They quivered when I read that he was backed by a "Christian" anti-choice group in Texas. They wilted in disbelief when I read we're supposed to believe that he somehow made his way across a river and through the fields, using his amazing blind spidey sixth sense, to end up the US Embassy. Once there, he's made one arrogant demand after another. Amb. Locke spends all day holding Chen's hand, listening to his requests, and the US gov manages to get the Chinese gov to acceed to ALL of them - to live in China, go to school, and have his family relocated.

    So Chen leaves the US Embassy, at his own request. Five minutes later, he changes his mind. Now he says he's scared. Now he wants to meet with US SOS Clinton. Now he wants to to leave China, and take his wife, child, mother and brothers with him. So the US scrambles to arrange an educational fellowship for him. The Obama admin is doing everything for him but wiping his butt after he poops.

    Meanwhile Chen is calling Republicans at a House hearing (yep, sounds like the Chinese authorities really have him on lockdown!), his "Christian" lawyer is boohooing all over the talk shows, everyone who's ever talked to him is claiming to have been beaten by the police (although, amazingly, none have displayed any injuries) and Romney is condemning Obama for not making all of Chen's wet dreams come true instantly. (Hey Mitt, how can you criticize Obama for "not standing up for Human Rights in China", when you're too wimpy to stand up for Human Rights in your own party?).

    Does anyone else see this as a GOP Dirty Trick, to torpedo the current talks with China, rally anti-choice voters, and try to tarnish Obama's foreign policy record?

    Democracy - Not Plutocracy!

    by vulcangrrl on Fri May 04, 2012 at 04:50:32 PM PDT

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