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  •  As a perpetual student... (12+ / 0-)

    ... I had to click on Harvard and MIT won the week.  I'll take "learning stuff" any way I can get it.  I'm a confirmed bibliophile, so education in any form - but especially free - is right up my alley.  Depending on the subject, I may have books about the topic(s) already on my bookshelves.  I used a few of my own books for some of my research for college essays and required reading for a couple of classes, in fact.  Really, I entered college as a middle aged woman so I could get a piece of paper that officially recognizes I'm not a dummy, even though I am a woman.  Accepting the invitation to the Honors program was an afterthought and done only because I saw no reason to take PE at the college level as a required course.  I'd already qualified for Honors classes, and my English adviser was also the head of the Honors program, and he appreciated the diversity of my interests and thought I'd fit in with the multi-disciplinary objectives of the Honors program.  My adviser said as long as I maintained a 3.25 GPA I wouldn't have to take PE.  Done.  And more.  :-)

    THREE CHEERS to perpetual students!

    JEERS to political campaign idiocy using 'tera, tera, and more tera.''  Last week the "evening news" was full of info about 'ter'rist bombers' having non-metallic bombs surgically inserted into their abdomens and then blowing themselves up once they got on a plane or entered a public place with lots of people.  The last two days the "evening news" has been full of info about OBL's papers that have instructions to his people to set off a fire bomb in forested areas of the US.

    Since some generalissimo-type of muckity muck in the Pentagon told Christian Amanpour a year or more ago that there were "fewer than 100" Al Quaeda members left, and more have been killed since then, who's going to do the bidding of a now-dead neurotic and paranoid old fart who never had any armies of his own to do his bidding in the first place...?  Nineteen criminals armed with box cutters who have no affiliation to any country or to any country's military force does not an army make, even if they managed to pull off one of the most heinous coordinated criminal acts in recorded history.  Someone, somewhere in that glorious corporate conglomeration now known as our Federal Government must have figured out by now that fighting a few guerrillas who use unconventional military tactics is not going to win friends or influence enemies if we have to illegally and unconstitutionally invade another country to take over oil fields in the second country to accomplish another criminal's objectives.  Has it not yet sunk in that the "leaders of the free world" are some of the most unintelligent opportunists in the whole friggin' world, that the only people they're fooling are Media Morons?!?

    Nightly Ter'rist Scare Tactics in the "news" daily.  Hmmmm....  Golly.  I'll have to check the calendar.  There must be an election coming up.  [Ya think?]

    Dear US Politicians of both parties:  Stop already with the fucking' scare tactics in campaign rhetoric and moronic media!  In case you hadn't noticed, 9/11 was not Pearl Harbor, no legal entity declared war against us, people did not enlist en masse after 9/11 (went on with our lives and, per Dumbya's instructions while standing on the rubble of the WTC, "went shopping"), and things are not as frightening as you want them to be, even if you've emptied our treasury and continue to borrow money to carry out these illegal and unconstitutional wars of yours that enrich other corporations as well as Wall Street, MIC, and other corporate entities who continue to provide you with money.  Seek psychological counseling for your paranoid delusions of boogeymen coming after us..., and then maybe we can concentrate on doing something that benefits this country and our people for a change...!!!

    CHEERS to all kooky Kossacks and your furry and feathery family and friends.

    Oh, and if you want your emotions to go 'Awwww...,' the third peregrine falcon hatched today, so now there are three babies and one egg in the nest box.  The tender sweetness factor of attentive parents and fuzzy baby peregrines is overwhelming...!

    I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

    by NonnyO on Fri May 04, 2012 at 05:49:40 PM PDT

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