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View Diary: Occupy Minnesota:WTF? Cops picking up sober Occupiers and Drugging them for "Training" (147 comments)

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  •  One more thought on this, (2+ / 0-)

    In the Star Tribs story they acknowledge that participants in the DRE program were picked up at Peavey and the surrounding areas. Some were affiliated with Occupy, others not. ONLY OCCUPY HAS BROUGHT THIS TO THE ATTENTION OF THE PUBLIC AND OTHER OFFICIALS. This to some extent gives Occupy a level of credibility- to identify a problem that none other has, and to bring that problem into the public eye. Why do no other agencies/orgs know about this? If they did, why did they not make a fuss over it?
    While the current [DRE] actions seem aimed at Occupy it has been policy for some time to go looking for and lure in users for their classes. What is wrong with our society that this has been going on so long and that it took Occupy to put it in the limelight?
    Kudos to Occupy and really to Rogue Media for documenting so well what many of us saw but have a hard time convincing others of what we saw.

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