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View Diary: Elizabeth Warren: Put the Native American question behind you (269 comments)

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  •  this campaign is in trouble (2+ / 0-)
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    PinHole, raboof

    I'm a supporter, but at this point a lot of grassroots Mass. Dems are discouraged with her lack of political sense.   I was at a 3 hour Mass. Dem. event tonight and she spent a few minutes hugging "important" people then ran off.  Joe Kennedy's staff was all over the place, handing out stickers, asking for volunteers, talking to people.  He spent much more time at the event, shaking hands with regular folks.  

    This is what the last month has looked like:
    1.) she got bagged by Brown with the Superpac thing
    2.) I've been to 4 events where she's been in attendance and never seen her have a conversation with a "regular" person.
    3.) one of her top campaign staffer is widely known as a total chauvinist that women activist can't stand.
    4.)  Politicos in Mass. are all shaking their heads over the whole thing and don't know how to communicate their concerns to the campaign.  I know a number of people who have tried to no avail.

    Meanwhile, the Kennedy campaign is highly organized, connecting well with voters and calls me several times a week to volunteer.  Nothing from the Warren campaign.  

    Get your heads out of the sand, guys, and try to get the message to the Warren campaign that she has to get her act together.  This is really important and time is passing us by.

    •  I'm a life-long Ma resident and get the sense (0+ / 0-)

      that there is not a lot of awareness about her or her campaign.  

      This Native American issue is bull$hit, but it will probably stick..

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