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View Diary: Wall Street hires violent union busting Pinkerton's to save them from OWS. History repeats itself (256 comments)

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    I have been getting more and more familiar with the largest labor uprising ever in this country, large enough that the president actually deployed the military inside our borders to put it down.

    Matewan, where the robber barons had the balls to openly assassinate a union leader on the steps of a courthouse, in the middle of the day, and got away with it.

    A very telling bit about the general mood of the oppressed - they had spent years trying to effect change through the vote and through the courts, and the power of the robber barons' gold defeated the people at every turn. So, eventually a few thousand pissed off men picked up their guns - some of which were full auto machine guns brought home from their time in the army, and went to step four:
    Use boxes in this order:
    1 Soap
    2 Ballot
    3 Jury
    4 Bullet
    The unions spent all their cash reserves on bringing in volunteers from across several states, and buying arms and ammo for the striking miners who had been forced to see their families starved, beaten and killed for the "sin" of joining a union. All told, more than ten thousand armed men fought against private 'detective' companies for the right to unionize.

    That was 1920-1921. The coal wars / mine wars / battle of blair mountain.

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