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View Diary: Wall Street hires violent union busting Pinkerton's to save them from OWS. History repeats itself (256 comments)

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    roberta g

    Remember that the guy urging you to attack a police line, waving his red flag may well be a member of the Pinkertons, assisted by several others.  They're more than happy to push you and your friends over the edge and assist in putting the rest of your life down the grinder.  They'll also push your entire group towards violence in order to squeeze out the really effective leaders and organizers who know better.  In the end, they police will drop their cases quietly as part of a plea agreement where they will testify against you.  They'll have excellent legal help.  Not all the opposition are on the other side of the barriers.  They'll drink beer with you, help you out with spare change and whatever else it takes to put you and your movement in the ditch.  The best of them will be impossible to spot, better at being a radical than you are.

    William Hamilton practices Law and is a writer and community activist in the Charleston, SC area. He can reached through

    by wjhamilton29464 on Fri May 04, 2012 at 03:51:39 PM PDT

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