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View Diary: Advice from an old friend (of this community): Take it local. Really local. (53 comments)

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  •  say it til we are BLUE in the face (6+ / 0-)

    school boards. town boards. zoning boards.

    Ralph Reed did it for the fundies in the 1990s and we're still dealing with the fall out.

    but how to do it in a way to win both hearts and minds... that's the hole we never fill and never address... we gain influence but the GREAT ideas aren't there or communicated in a way that involves people with diverse points-of-view.

    instead, we threaten each other over who's controlling what agenda... we haven't evolved in learning to live next door to one another.

    at dKos, it could be better. expelling people instead of using this as a place to road test ways to bring people together... even in hard fights and disagreements... if we can't find a way to manage it here, how do we do in RL?

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