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View Diary: When White Firemen Refused to Attack Civil Rights Demonstrators: May 5, 1963 (49 comments)

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    It's not exactly violating orders, but there are numerous police officers I've met who have taken actions to restrain violent colleagues or to help protesters in pain.

    I've met police who have put handcuffs on me and co-protesters in ways that cut into our wrists, which is painful, but I've also, more than once, met police who have loosened the cuffs.

    In another incident, in 1994, I was arrested in Phoenix for leafleting against JROTC (high school ROTC). It's a long story, partly related in sections two and three of this article. Some of the officers wanted to throw me (the long-haired "commie") into the general population, overnight at least. However, one officer identified himself as a military veteran, and told both me and his colleagues that he agreed with me, no high school student should be subjected to the lies of (too many) military recruiters, or induced to endure the horrors of war that he experienced. This latter officer checked the regulations and found a provision under which I could be released on my own recognizance - and proceeded to get me released an hour or so later.

    I could provide other examples, too, but enough for now. I think it's valuable and worthwhile not to regard any group of people as an undifferentiated mass, and to continually attempt to appeal to everyone, starting with ourselves, to act with more compassion.

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