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View Diary: Dumbing democracy down: Leadership is not a drinking game (191 comments)

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  •  Elsaf, have you read my posts? (0+ / 0-)

    I suspect Mitt Romney is smarter than me.  He's certainly got the ivy league eduation that I didn't have.  Without further inquiry into the matter about my qualifications, wouldn't you rather have ME as president than Mitt?

    I'll give you a little more background.  I'm bipolar.  I'm on lots of meds.  I haven't been able to keep a job in years.  Knowing all that, but knowing that I'm a reasonably half-intelligent liberal who shares your values, if you were given only a strict him or me choice, no third option, wouldn't you choose me over that smart guy Mitt?

    If you say yes, then your statement above is clearly a preference, but not the one that trumps the importance of having a liberal.

    •  here is the point (3+ / 0-)
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      the "have a beer" with standard is a way of distracting people from important policy choices.  As your comment illustrates the "beer with" vs "most intelligent" choices are both distractions.  Who I would want in the white house, first and foremost, is someone who shares my values.

    •  I would hope (0+ / 0-)

      I would hope I would have better choices than just you or Mitt Romney. I'm not convinced that Mitt Romney is smarter than most of us here. He got where he is with the aid of  considerable privilege. I suspect I'm smarter than him, if you want to evaluate IQ alone. But A. I would never run for president because that's not what I want to do with my life, and B. I doubt I could get many people to vote for me if I did, because my personality is not one that inspires people to say "I want HER to lead me!" I think I'm more of a Teresa Heinz than a Hillary Clinton.

      I would choose Barack Obama over either you or Mitt Romney, because I believe he has the leadership skills to be an effective president. His first term was disappointing in some respects (not all, I believe he out performed expectations in some categories), but in the last year, I think he's overcome the learning curve (and there is going to be a learning curve for any first term president, because I don't think there is anything that could completely prepare you for the job) and has the potential to make his second term count.

      For the record: I don't think Mitt Romney understands the dynamics of global politics. I think his outlook is quite parochial. I doubt he has the unique skill it takes to work effectively with Congress. Businessmen tend to work with an entirely different set of parameters. If you're the boss, people have to do what you want. If you're the president, not even your own party has to do what you want. It takes a very special leader to influence Congress. He's probably got an even enough temperament, but it take more than just a cool head to be an effective leader.

      That said, I couldn't care less whether he remembers whether any specific Red Sox game was played at home or away, or whether he was there. That's just nonsense.

      Wealth doesn't trickle down -- it rises up.

      by elsaf on Sun May 06, 2012 at 02:53:44 PM PDT

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