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  •  It was clear that the corporate overlords .... (0+ / 0-)

    wanted Dumbya, so I understand the press' slanted coverage against Gore.

    And I don't think many people were fooled by who Dumbya was; they knew he was a shill and most viewed him as a seatwarmer who's advisers were going to run the show. People took the system for granted; they did not realize how a bad leader - even an empty suit - can cause such structurally damage; a lot of people thought the government was mostly on auto-pilot.

    As for the beer standard; yes, people did need that to convince themselves to vote for such a lightweight as Dumbya ... its one thing to do something stupid, but its another thing to KNOW its stupid and to still do it.

    But I'll say one thing about Dumbya and its tied into the beer thing and that he and Reagan had a gift for making people believe that they'll be apart of the looting and someone else will be screwed. Bush Sr. was different; people knew they would be screwed, but with the quick and easy money during internet & real estate bubbles, the "guy to have a beer with" seems like the guy who will cut you in and screw SOMEONE else.

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