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  •  quakers are anarchist (1+ / 0-)
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    in that they reach their consensus through nonviolent discussion, and don't use a church hierarchy to simply force acceptance of what the leadership wants (because there is no church leadership or hierarchy).

    my family is anarchist, in that my wife and i pool our common resources and figure out what we're going to do through discussion, not from either one of us ordering the other around, or using violence to force compliance. some families work differently in that regard, and i tend to view them as deeply dysfunctional if not outright abusive.

    we live these principles in many aspects of our lives, more or less depending on the community we live in. the huge cognitive leap for many is in entertaining the possibility that nonviolence consensus systems, or government/community organizations without coercive violence, could possibly manage complex systems, or deal with existing problems of violence, antisocial behavior, or situations where the community is not of a single mind.

    i tend to be more of a social democrat the bigger the governmental arena, and an anarchist the smaller and more local, but i tend to be pretty convinced by much of the anarchist critique of The Way Things Are, the state and violence, etc. i'm less confident in their prescriptive solutions than their analysis, but then in a world where all the status quo coercive structures are corrupt or collapsing, i'm willing to hear them out when they have ideas about how better to provide things that communities need to have done.

    i have been pretty impressed by how well the various occupations have tried to demonstrate how it might work, when they weren't being attacked by the cops. i wish they would be left alone more, to see if they really can do what they claim they can.

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