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    It's amazing what people will do for a freebie.  I'm not insinuating that folks won't honor the system, but people will show up for seemingly unrelated  or frivolous reasons.

    Church is an example.  Every good Catholic kid was brought up to know that missing Mass on Sunday is a sin, yet many Catholic adults rarely attend.  Two exceptions are Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday, one of which is not a day of obligation and the other which is not in the same league with Christmas and Easter.  Still, there are people hanging from the rafters on those two days.  A young priest at our parish years ago told me something that makes perfect sense.  People show up when they think they're getting something for nothing.  On AW, they walk out with dirty foreheads and on Palm Sunday they get a fragment of a palm leaf.  These are the only two days a year when they walk out with something tangible, something more than they came in with.  Never mind that they are going to hell for not darkening the doors the other 51 Sundays, they've got their palm.

    If you offer a lending library, the word may spread that people can visit your office and come out with something, even if they have to return it later.  Once they're in the door, you can charm them, shake them down for a little cash, whatever.  Heck, if they actually DO return the book, you get a second pass at them.  Inspired thinking...  :-)

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    by luckylizard on Sun May 06, 2012 at 02:58:39 PM PDT

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