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View Diary: What Would Redistricting Look Like Had Dems Won All Prior Close Races? (26 comments)

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  •  First off, you're believing rumors (0+ / 0-)

    Carnahan has been spreading the false rumor that Clay and Cleaver conspired with the Republicans. How come the four legislators who Clay and Cleaver supposedly pressured ALL say that Carnahan's lying? Is that more evidence of a conspiracy in your mind?

    Carnahan's desperate and will say anything  - literally. In his first race for Congress in 1990 - in Rolla, not St. Louis - literally all of the newspapers had to call him out for "misleading, gross misrepresentation" - and one newspaper called Russ' claims against his opponent "Mostly B.S." That's how Russ runs his campaigns.

    Russ pretends to forget that Clay, Cleaver and he put out a joint release urging the lawmakers to keep three seats in STL.

    Russ pretends to forget that he lied to Dem Party leaders about not running against Clay so he could raise a HUGE amount on Frontline.

    Russ pretends to forget that party leaders begged him to run in the 2nd CD so that they'd have a better chance of retaking the House.

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