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    While passions were to be constrained, they were NOT to be absent in our living, or our discussions. That would get you into some deep and rather troublesome moments in my family (not to mention some rather significant pain to your backside!).

    Yet, your statement does remind me of some beloved cousins, who lived almost an entire state away from us. My mother's brother and his wife were heads of just such a family as you describe. I never understood it, as I knew my Uncle quite well. He was a man of many passions, who lived them with the greatest gusto, while remaining completely faithful to his wife and family. They saw it, they just weren't allowed to do it!

    Today, the surviving cousins live passionately, every day. Anything I may be able to do to help you release your passionate writing will be a privilege and honor. Promise.

    " Lead would float in a pool of Michelle Bachmann."
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    by Bud Fields on Sun May 06, 2012 at 07:43:13 PM PDT

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