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View Diary: Don't Call Them "Climate Skeptics" -- They're Climate Deniers, Period (125 comments)

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  •  Apologies, (0+ / 0-)

    although I was not referring to you personally.

    Again, I suggest you look to what science is saying.

    Fact: Atmospheric CO2 has increased by 50% since the beginning of the industrial revolution.  Historical levels have been measured by examining the trapped gas in ice cores from glacial ice laid down over thousands of years.  Scientists have even collected 125 year old copper toilet floats to examine the air sealed inside during their manufacture in the late 19th century. These measurements have been debated and verified by multiple teams from universities all over the world.  The base line for present levels has been measured carefully at Mauna Loa and other mountain observatories far away from cities and other influences.

    Fact: There is a strong correlation between the amount of additional carbon in the air and the amount produced by combustion of carbon fuels, deforestation, agriculture, and other HUMAN activities over the relevant time period.  There is no known, or even hypothesized natural process to account for this additional carbon.  These calculations have stood the test of strong criticism and peer review for the last several decades.

    Fact: CO2 and methane produced by oil and gas wells and human agricultural activities are "greenhouse gases"  that trap solar energy in the lower atmosphere.  This mechanism has been well understood since the 19th century.

    Fact: Average global temperatures have increased by about 2 deg F over the last twenty years.  These extensively peer-reviewed measurements have been carefully analyzed to remove the influence of special  local conditions, such as readings from urban heat sinks.  Two degrees may not sound like much, but think of your body running a two degree fever.  The difference between the recent past and an ice-age or the age of the dinosaurs  is only plus or minus 10 deg F.  The present trend is serious.

    Fact: The glaciers are melting, the polar ice is shrinking, the seas are acidifying, sea levels are rising, etc..  All of these events are predicted by the above described data and climate models. This is one of the strongest tests of any science:  Do the real events as they actually occur fit the model?

    Conclusion:  There are those who say that the above research doesn't explain the increase in greenhouse gasses and the subsequent measured rise in worldwide average temperatures. However unless they can provide an alternate explanation along with supporting data, the claim that climate scientists haven't proved their case is an empty one.

    We could assert for example that the law of gravity isn't proved, because there are still questions about how gravity fits in with our general field theory of matter and energy in the universe.  This is in fact one of the big questions that physicists wrestle with, but I'm also 100% confident that if I were to drop a rock on your foot you would feel the pain.

    Labor was the first price paid for all things. It was not by money, but by labour, that all wealth of the world was originally purchased. - Adam Smith

    by boatwright on Tue May 08, 2012 at 02:25:26 PM PDT

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