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View Diary: OMG!! I heard a new Right Wing Conspiracy Theory today from a delusional “bagger?” (315 comments)

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  •  Got an email message from a Bagger (3+ / 0-)
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    alnc, ER Doc, tobendaro

    a few weeks ago about Scytl....


    From: [Bagger]
    Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2012 17:47:43 -0400 (EDT)
    Subject: Michael Savage: How to fix 2012 election
    To: [Me]

    [Rashy], have you heard anything about SOE & SCYTL
    at the bottom I found these links.

    It is not clear that SOE counts Federal Election results.

    ** from another [professional]

    [Bagger], is this real?  If so, its over.
    [Another Bagger]

    We're Screwed............

    Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
    Those who count the votes decide everything.

    ~Joseph Stalin~   Great Saying even if not a Quote


    My response:


    [Bagger] wrote:

    >[Rashy], have you heard anything about SOE & SCYTL at the bottom I found these links.

    Michael Savage is mentally ill.  I distrust anything, repeat anything, that he says.

    If I heard Michael Savage saying that it was raining outside I would raise the blinds to see if I  really needed an umbrella.

    Were you & [Other Bagger] as concerned about this:

    as you & [Other Bagger] are now concerned about SOE & SCYTL?  If not, why not?  Because you fear that the shoe may now have been slipped onto the other foot?

    Republicans are screwed not because of who owns the company that own the servers that compile election data, but because their candidates are a bunch of pathetic clowns, and because they drove us into a deep ditch through their refusal to regulate the financial services industry, failed to prevent 9/11, involved us at least one needless war (to the tune of a trillion bucks and tens of thousands of dead and maimed GIs), screwed up the other one by letting bin Laden get away, and have done nothing for the past three years to help resolve the situation that they themselves had a major hand in creating (along with some Democratic help).

    That and the fact that they want to restrict access to contraceptives and women's health care.  Smart move!

    If the huge gender gap that currently exists continues until election day, and if the large gap in Democratic supporters vs. Republican supporters among Blacks and Latino voters that currently exists continues until election day, Barack Obama is bound to be reelected.  There simply not enough angry white men to make up the difference.  It's simple arithmetic and demographics.  Welcome to the 21st Century.


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