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View Diary: Texas marches toward swing state status. Only question is 'when?' (253 comments)

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  •  What if more people VOTED? (3+ / 0-)
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    In 2010, in Texas, there were (per the census) 15.4 million citizens of voting age, of whom just over half (8.3 million) were White non-Hispanic and just over a quarter (4.4 million) were Hispanic and another 2 million were Black.

    Of the White nonHispanic citizens, 66.9% were registered and 43.8% voted

    Of the Hispanics, 53.3% were registered and 23.1% voted

    Of the Blacks, 62.3% were registered and 38.7% voted.

    (all numbers were higher in 2008, but the relationships were similar)

    If Blacks and Latinos voted at the same rate as Whites, Texas would be a swing state NOW. Twice as many Latinos would be voting. That's another 2 million votes or so. If 75% were for Obama, that adds 1 million to his margin.

    And another hundred thousand Blacks would be voting. Assuming nearly all vote for Obama, that adds 100 thousand to his total.

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