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  •  unpaid talent - applies to neither of you (10+ / 0-)

    1. You, Tool, and you, Jesse, need to get to get set up as an educational or social service not-for-profit production company so that major donors can assure you comfortable [but not extravagant]steady incomes. So: CALLING ALL LAWYERS WITH 501c3 EXPERIENCE Let's get it done.

    2. Tool, you seem to be Jesse's wing man - and a damn good one, too. You need to make sure he gets focused, manages his time, and completes projects [like setting up a not-for-profit or finishing his book or reading his pitch for a TV and/or radio show].

    3. You guys need to develop contacts with pros who support you already - like Jeff Leiber and Joan Brooker Marks.

    The two of you are stronger, better organized, and able to accomplish much more as a team. But you need technically experienced people to realise some of your goals. Those people are here on Daily Kos and only need to be asked.

    Bring those still in Afghanistan home NOW . . . It's long past time.

    by llbear on Tue May 08, 2012 at 10:59:18 AM PDT

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    •  I'll (5+ / 0-)
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      princesspat, Onomastic, stef, NMRed, llbear

      take any advice on this. Right now my next dedicated step was going back to school to finish my degree in early childhood education. I was laid off from an early intervention center and have been relying on unemployment and home care. I've been underpaid for my skills for years and want to be a full behavioral clinician. It is a dream of mine to finally finish school.

      I want to be able to continue to be an activist, and friend to Jesse. He has my support in everything he does. If we can do so in a capacity that allows us to work and live - I'm all for it.

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