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View Diary: Top Romney aide voluntarily brings up Mitt's Swiss bank account (132 comments)

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    Funds invest in private equity funds.  To minimize taxes, these US pension funds sometimes invest through entities in tax haven countries.  So a Private Equity partner in a fund has his ownership alongside the pension funds in the offshore account.  Taxes for the individual partner are the same as if this was all done in the US, but it does have an impact for the pension fund investors.  

    There is a similar issue for investors from other countries when they invest in US Private Equity and other investments.

    The largest public employee pension fund in the US is CALPERS (I have some familiarity with them).  Here is the very long list of private equity funds that California government employes have their pensions invested in:

    The most important way to protect the environment is not to have more than one child.

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