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View Diary: Shhhhhhhhh! Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney. Very, very quietly. (53 comments)

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  •  It is possible (7+ / 0-)

    that Santorum truly despises Romney. He [Santorum] is a true believer, at least he appears to be, of his religion, his politics, his culture. It is very, very likely he dislikes the LDS church enough to cringe at the thought of one of them being POTUS.

    One can only imagine the back room deals and, if that is not what happened, that he hates Obama so much he reluctantly made this token gesture so his supporters would vote against the Prez.

    •  I Think You Have It All Wrong... (0+ / 0-)

      Whats happening is easiest to see in local elections.  You have many very strong party members in your County,  City, or Precinct.  You have a real battle for the Primaries and a candidate is selected.  Even though the defeated candidate mayhave personal animous toward the victor, because the loser is a strong Party member, they support and vote for the victor.  It happens in both parties.

      Occassionally you have a candidate that runs in a Primary not because they are a strong Party supporter, but because they have the best chance of winning in the Party in which they run.  In the current group Ron Paul would fit this type of candidate.  Like Ron Paul they do not know when to quit running and support the nominee.  Both major Parties have these kind of candidates and some have cost elections (Nader).

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