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View Diary: BREAKING: Bomber in Plot on U.S. Airliner Is Said to Be a Double Agent (196 comments)

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    this started as a discussion not of all police investigations, but of a specific type of FBI entrapment op whereby a bunch of crazies is approached by a FBI informant, talked into doing something stupid, provided with the weapons, and then arrested once they move on the crime.

    what's notable is that the FBI mostly seems to do these sorts of things with bumbling muslim groups (or more recently, anarchists), not the much more well organized and armed right wing groups, who tend to get civil rights investigations that are downplayed in the media, whereas the entrapment ops are loudly announced in the media no matter how disorganized and feckless the groups may be.

    my point was that we know they haven't done that sort of an op with JT ready, because he was walking free to murder his family (and threaten latinos and immigrants all over the southwest). you bringing up an anemic investigation that was kept low key does not really dispute the point at all.

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