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View Diary: Minnesota's #1 High School Failed NCLB Seven Years in a Row (54 comments)

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  •  The goal (0+ / 0-)

    I disagree. It is the poor state of public education, i.e., the large numbers of poorly educated students it has turned out for many decades, that over and again leads to attempts at educational reform. The goal on all sides is to get something for the vast amount of money we pour into public education. Privatization and charter schools did not come out of nowhere; they arose from the accurate perception that the public schools were, to coin a phrase, leaving a lot of kids behind. The NCLB tests may suck, but then that's first of all an argument for better tests.

    This is, indeed, what the average American thinks. I think they are correct in their perception. I think so, too—and I've taught junior high through college for over 35 years.

    •  Try providing excellent teaching with no budget. (0+ / 0-)

      Try teaching in California, in other words. Most teachers in "good" school districts have to struggle to implement the curriculum, because school funding is way down from what it was when I was in k-12 (1956-68), relative to the costs of education. This is a direct result of Prop 13's tax-cutting initiative (thank you GOP). California used to have the top per-pupil spending, it is now #49, I believe.

      You may blame the educational system. I blame the rich who have gone out of their way for at least 30 years to make sure that public education is underfunded.

      •  Gee (0+ / 0-)

        Not where I live. I live in NYC, where we spend gobs of cash on education, where teachers salaries are outstanding, and where our schools suck big time. Go figure.

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