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View Diary: MSM goes down in flames, wonders WTH happened (152 comments)

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  •  The hiring of a commenter reminds me (2+ / 0-)
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    greenomanic, qofdisks

    of the scenario in which GS et al hired on the savvier ratings analysts looking at designer investment instruments who   realized how shaky that house of cards was/is. They were hired on at a steep increase from their former compensation in order to take their expertise off the market.

    The DKOS isn't regular fare though. As I am sure you aware, where there is one poster, there are ten lurkers/readers according to data compiled on message boards/blogs. The people here are way above average with writing skills and comprehension despite the occasional squabbles. Things get parsed out here, shredded, red penciled, regurgitated, analyzed, analogized, argued and dissected. More often than not, a diary is just the diving board and the comment section is a gold mine. To that end, some of the best diaries are smaller, shorter and less contemplative or even provocative, rather than full blown comprehensive analyses.....until you hit the comment section.

    This back and forth might seem new, but it is as old as dirt. If you have the fortunate happenstance to own  annotated work by some of the oldies, the correspondence and criticisms are footnoted right in the volume along with revisions, suggestions and arguments. Back then, fewer people had reading/writing skills and snail mail relied on horses but it's the same thing with blogs, only faster and with more input.

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