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View Diary: My Misguided NC Neighbors Need Your Help, Not Your Anger (257 comments)

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  •  good luck with that... (9+ / 0-)

    michelewin, I could have written these exact words (in fact I probably did) when Arizona was under heavy attack here. However, my pleas that "we needed help not people feeling self righteous and boycotting" -- yes, exactly! -- were not heard at all. Unfortunately, few cared... and hating all things arizona is still pretty popular here, along with 'the south' and other 'red' areas.

    What I've noticed is that when blue states (e.g., CA, WI) pass odious legislation, they get a pass... progressives there get support and help, tea and sympathy, money and cheers for those who are fighting back. NO ONE calls for a boycott!! Never. But for the rest of us... not so much. It's sad. They punish us for not being the majority in our areas, and do nothing to help us with our fight... they just sit up there on their high horses from their blue states and look down on us. Sometimes people here think the same way... 'punish us!' -- those are the ones that mystify me the most... urg.

    Anyway, I have to go to work now but just wanted to say I feel your pain and wish you well. This all sucks so bad, but your work on trying to defeat it is much appreciated. At least by some of us. :)

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