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View Diary: My Misguided NC Neighbors Need Your Help, Not Your Anger (257 comments)

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  •  You are right on this. The unfortunates who take (1+ / 0-)
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    the simple and easy way of believing the homilies, the simple twenty second or less denunciation or sound bite  answer to everything, especially when it is couples with a fearsome 'other' reinforce the hate and fear that has been cultivated regardless of its validity for many years.  In spite of it all, nearly 2/3rds didn't go to vote for banning same sex marriage.  They stayed home.

    The encouraging thing is less than 48% of Americans are members of an organized church.  Many more than that identify, but do not devote their waking hours regularily to it.  Among the young, the numbers fall off but the participation which is a big pull of the religious community falls off as well. They are non religious and non political unless they have been taught an systematic appreciation for it.

    There has been a decades long falling in fraternal, charitable, group participation. Many traditional churches including Catholics, the biggest sect  see declines in membership even though the population of the country goes up. Why is that?  

            The culture of the religious, its answers or non answers to problems people face  is exposed, and revealing more than ever before.  If it doesn't address the challenges of life, is more disconnected or truly irrelevant or perceived as more hucksterism and opportunism in a land where retailing and marketing is the most developed of all the persuasive arts,  religion loses its grip and value.  

          That is why young people are less apt to commit and to be enshrouded with a bubble of religiosity. Less apt, less of them depending on where they live of course.  Politics is also seen as hucksterism, a con game electoral politics as a contrived form of self promotion, nothing more.

    The modern Internet Age supports some  religions but opens up vistas, channels of opportunity and other pursuits  for many more.  Many diversions and alternatives.

    The attack on gay young people, on young adults wanting a family and a future and on gays in general by leaders of religions of the worst sort is a suicide pact.  Showing the hate and the bigotry of church leaders anxious to consolidate their power and domination over their own flocks undermines both the message and the leaders.  It is part of the reason along with the Churches sucking up and fawning over their 1% wealthier donors and patrons that reduce them in the eyes of many of their own parishoners. Especially when the hypocrites and lies they need to keep espousing are exposed.

          Not a sudden dramatic change, not in a few lectures or sermons but in a steady drip of contradictions and untruths and revealed corruption that cannot be explained as simply a few trusted  ones fallen.

          In spite of the NC vote on Amendment 1 yesterday, the push to get equality and dignity back for some of our most persecuted fellow Americans continues.   Amazing how much the landscape has changed in the last 15 years, from a 3:1 against same sex marriage Gallup for example to parity, even a wiggle above 50% tolerance today.  We have six states and DC.

          We have now 10 countries according to Wikipedia, up from 4 a couple of years ago.  We have NY's recent Yes to SSM and pressure building to settle in the courts  just as Brown vs. Board of education was seminal in undermining and tipping over Jim Crow  some 11 years later. When gays can marry, they can also be fully fledged, fully vested citizens like all the rest of our people.

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    by BeeDeeS on Wed May 09, 2012 at 12:51:14 PM PDT

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