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  •  There are ordinary blog sites and then there is (10+ / 0-)

    KOS.  The reason I frequent this site is to learn.  The diaries are great in pointing out what is happening and explaining why they are, or should be, demanding of our attention.  

    I have found over the years that it is in the comment section where you can ask questions and get answers.  Does everyone agree?  No and pie fights do ensue.  But all the better to get out one's point of view.  It provides more facts in order to make an informed opinion.

    This site has a worldwide following because what happens in the US has a great impact on the rest of the world.  A for instance.  It has come to light that your infamous Koch Bros. are firmly entrenched in the Canadian government (Stephen Harper, Conservative Prime Minister).  Without the news of who the brothers are and the damage they are doing politically in the US, Canadians would still be wandering in the dark.

    So, for this and many other reasons, the MSM needs to be very afraid of the dirty little secrets they try to keep.  The world is fast becoming a very small place, speak and within seconds everyone has access to your words via current electronic devices.   The biggest threat to politicians, their advocates and the MSM is an educated public.  Thank you to all of the informed/educated people who post/educate those of us that just want the truth.

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